What to bring to High Adventure Camp

Tilikum High Adventure Camp is a 4-Day residential (overnight) program. Check-in is Monday morning at 8:45AM and pick-up is Thursday afternoon at 4:00PM.

Campers participate in various games, low elements and some high elements on the Challenge Course, all within a framework of safety, fun, and trust. There is swimming and boating time each afternoon, focused “Trail Talk” each day to talk about the theme and Scriptural truth for the day. Tilikum’s Challenge Course is a collection of ropes, cables, wooden beams, tires, and logs assembled to present activities for the purpose of individual and group growth. The 21 “elements” range in height from ground level to 123 feet up in a canopy of 100 year-old Douglas fir trees.

What to bring

A backpack or duffle with the following items:

  • small backpack for day use
  • jacket or sweatshirt and a raincoat for inclement weather
  • long pants rather than shorts are preferred for high element activities
  • sturdy athletic or hiking closed-toe shoes (no sandals please)
  • a Bible
  • water bottle/flask
  • towel, sunscreen, and a modest swimming suit (one piece for girls)

T-shirts are given to each camper on Friday.

Do not bring

These items are not allowed at camp and will be confiscated and returned when the camper goes home:

  • knives or any other weapons
  • any electronic equipment (cell phones, iPods, video games, etc.)
  • alcohol or other drugs
  • personal sports equipment
  • pets or other animals

Adventure Camp registration begins January 15.

Camp weeks can fill up quickly, so register early. Save up to $40 when you register by May 1.