Dining at Camp Tilikum

Creating space for friends to gather.

tilikum-lodge-dining-room​We understand how important great food is for your visit. At Tilikum you will enjoy delicious entrees and accompanying side dishes, freshly baked breads and tasty desserts, pleasing to the eye and tasty to the palate. Wholesome meals are prepared and served family-style with an optional buffet for larger groups. Homestyle meals are prepared from scratch with local, fresh, seasonal ingredients brings you a quality food service difficult to attain at larger camps and conference centers.

Some details

If an individual has a medical diet need which requires a completely separate option, our hosts will either deliver it directly to the guest at the table or will have it set on a designated sideboard with the items clearly marked. These requests must be made in advance to allow for the cooks to shop for and prepare a separate dish. There is a $1 additional charge per meal to cover the cost of special ingredients and the extra labor to prepare a separate meal.

Alternative menu options must be requested in advance. If a group requests an entirely alternate menu, such as vegetarian or Lent-observant or kosher or nut-free, there is no additional charge.

coffee-bar​A microwave, toaster oven, and mini-fridge are available in the dining room for guest use. The mini-fridge is stocked with non-dairy milks and creamers for those who like them. There is always a fresh fruit basket available, and coffee, decaf, tea, and our house-made hot cocoa mix are also available 24/7. Chilled cans of soda and juices are also available for purchase in the dining room.

A list of ingredients for each dish are available from your host. And recipes are available upon request—we are happy to share them with home cooks. To purchase a Tilikum Cookbook email Suzanne Maki/Guest Services Director.

Disclaimer:  Camp Tilikum is not a dedicated allergy-free facility, though we are careful to prepare medical diet dishes as free from cross-contamination as possible. Appliances and utensils are thoroughly cleaned after they have been used for wheat, nuts or dairy. But even with these precautions, cross-contamination is possible. Guests with life-threatening allergies should carry their own epi-pens.

Served meals

All breakfasts include eggs, a breakfast meat, a pastry or coffee cake, fruit, hot cereal, and juice.

Lunch in the dining room almost always includes a hot dish, either soup or a hot sandwich or hot meat for burritos or rice bowls, salads, freshly made lemonade or iced tea, and our fresh homemade cookies.

The kitchen is happy to cater lunches up to the Challenge Course. We can cater a hot meal like a burrito buffet or lunch casserole to help counter a cold or rainy team-building experience, but when the weather is hot, most groups prefer a cold box lunch, with a hearty sandwich or wrap, fruit, vegetable, chips, and homemade cookies.

Dinners include a freshly seasoned or marinated protein, a starch (rice, potatoes, or pasta), hot veggies, tossed salads, and freshly baked bread. Most desserts are prepared from local produce, so our fruit crisp may have Marionberries, Fuji apples, Veteran peaches, or other seasonal finds from neighboring farms.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I bring my own food?
A: That depends. We do not have a kitchen for use by the public, but we can set your group up with an 8 foot table for your snacks.For individuals with complex dietary needs there is a mini-frige, microwave, and toaster oven at all times in the dining room. There is also a red toaster only used for gluten-free toasting.

Q: How is food served?
A: There are 7 to 8 guests per round table and food is served family-style. A few menus are set as buffets. At breakfast every morning there is a cereal buffet with both hot and cold cereals. The granola on the cereal bar is made from scratch in the kitchen.

Q: What if I need to be late to a meal?
A: Meals are served fresh and hot at the time listed on your contract. Kitchen staff leaves the food on the table or buffet until your group has finished eating, typically in about an hour. If you notify your group leader, a plate can be assembled and set aside in the dining room mini-fridge for you to warm when you arrive.

Q: What if I can self-monitor? Do I still need to fill out a Medical Diet form?
A: If your food needs are not life-threatening, and you would like choose from the presented courses, you do not need to fill out a Medical Diet Request Form. Keep in mind that some of the menu items are soups and casseroles, and have been seasoned with marinades.

Q: How is the menu for a picky eater?
A: Menus are very tasty and uncomplicated, with most components separated so you can take what you like. In the dining room, there is always a fruit basket available, and cold cereal and toast during breakfast.

Q: Is it less expensive to skip a meal?
A: No. Your pricing includes the cost of all meals.

Q: Can we request the menu?
A: Groups are welcome to request specific dishes, or to specify their entire group is vegetarian, nut-free, kosher, Lent observant, or youth-friendly. Final menus are at the discretion of the Food Service Director and will be based on seasonal availability, group size, and variety (the kitchen strives to provide a variety of main dishes and sides).

Q: Can Tilikum provide snacks, as well?
A: Yes! For an additional charge, the kitchen can provide a variety of snacks for mid-morning, afternoon, or after-dinner snacking. The most popular snack choices are popcorn, cheese and crackers, fruit platters, veggies and hummus dip, cookie trays, and s’mores. We always stock ingredients for medical diet s’mores, including gluten-free grahams, dairy-free milk chocolate bars, and gelatin-free marshmallows.

Traditional menu items can include

For breakfast

  • continental-breakfast-at-tilikum-lodgescrambled eggs, cornbread muffins, and fresh fruit
  • french toast casserole with berry compote
  • biscuits and gravy
  • 10-grain hot cereal or Scottish oatmeal

For lunch

  • chef salad with variety of soups
  • chicken artichoke lasagna
  • potato bar w/chili

For dinner

  • roast beef, baby potatoes, seasonal vegetable,
  • pork tenderloin with apple compote
  • mollasses-cookieswhite fish with mango sauce
  • Malaysian buffet

For dessert

  • baked goods like scones, cookies, muffins and brownies
  • apple turnover
  • key lime pie
  • berry cobblers

Medical diet requests

camp-tilikum-nutty-breadFood Service can accommodate your medical diet request if you let them know two weeks in advance of your scheduled event at Tilikum. There is an additional charge of $1 per meal per person due to the increased cost of food. You can make arrangements to pay when you arrive and check in.

Download the Food Services Medical Diet Request form.

We look forward to serving you delicious meals!

How to contact

We welcome the opportunity to discuss menu ideas for your next event. Email Becky Headrick/Food Service Director.

For rate information, to schedule a tour, or to book your next event at Tilikum, contact Suzanne Maki/Guest Services Director.

Tilikum is passionate about good food

Contact Guest Services about feeding your hungry group.

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Miss Becky says…

  • British guest with M.T.I.

    "Your scones are spot on! And you are correct to serve them with orange marmalade."

  • Smiling Quilter Guest

    "These ginger cookies could not be any better in any way"

  • WCPR Guest

    "That was the best corned beef hash I've had in my entire life"

  • We wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to you the Camp Tilikum team. We enjoyed the grounds and found tranquility and peace. We appreciated the rooms and found comfort and camaraderie with our roomies. We were grateful for the delicious food, diet accommodations, and friendly staff who served us. Many of us found the connection to others and to self that we needed to continue to go out and serve our families and communities. Thank you Camp Tilikum!

    Cedar's Women Retreat

  • "Wash your paws."

  • "There's not a woman in the world more attractive to a man than a plate of warm brownies."

  • "When all else fails, add more butter."

  • "We don't count carbs at camp."

  • "Love people, feed them good food."

Becky Headrick is the Food Services Director at Camp Tilikum.

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