Tilikum Classifieds

Supporters have asked Tilikum to make a list of items, both needed to fulfill its mission, and other items no longer needed.

Here are some needed items.

Tilikum Marketing needs a graphics workstation to fulfill the communication and productivity requirements of the department. .



These are things the Camp would like to sell or trade:

(Coming Soon)

  1. xxx
  2. xxx
  3. xxx

Other ways you can support the ministry at Camp Tilikum.

  1. Pray for the mission, administrative staff, governing board, and physical needs of the Camp.
  2. Serve as a volunteer on Wednesdays, or at a volunteer event.
  3. Attend Tilikum’s annual Potlatch fundraising event.
  4. Donate to the Summer Camp Scholarship Fund.
  5. Advocate for Tilikum with your Church.
  6. Consider making Tilikum a part of your estate plan.


Questions about Classified items?

Email Dennis Littlefield /Executive Director or call Dennis at (503) 538-2763, ext. 103.