The parent page

Information for parents of Day Camp and QUEST campers.

​Here is some specific information about how your child can get the most from their experience at Tilikum.  If you have additional questions, email Dennis Littlefield/Acting Camp Program Director, or call Dennis at (503) 538-2763 ext. 103.

Drop off and pick up

When should my child arrive at camp?

Monday morning check in begins at 8:30AM. Summer Staff will direct you to the parking area. Look for a Welcome Staff with a Clipboard, they will direct you to the next station. Tuesday thru Friday morning drop off is between 8:45AM & 9:00AM. Upon arrival, please give your child’s name to the Welcome Staff with the clipboard. You will then be directed to the next available drop off point. Drivers please remain in your vehicle. Tilikum Summer Staff will assist your child to exit the vehicle and remain in a safe place as drivers exit the property.

When should I pick my child up from camp?

Pick up time for both Day Camp and Quest is at 3:45PM. Upon entering Camp property, drivers will be directed to a parking area in the Play Field. Please take your photo ID to the check out table located by the schoolhouse to sign your child out and receive a checkout ticket. Use your checkout ticket to collect your camper and exit the property. High Adventure campers are picked up at 4:00PM on Thursday in the field behind the waterfront restrooms. Please present your photo ID at the checkout table and pick up your child’s medications.

What does a typical daily schedule for Day Camp/QUEST look like? 

  8:45AM – Arrival
  9:15AM – Opening activity
10:00AM – Activity
11:15AM – LUNCH (Tilikum has special locations all over the grounds for each camper group to eat lunch.)
12:05PM – Waterfront Time (kids have a choice if they want to swim, canoe, visit barn animals, or rest.)
  1:00PM – Get dressed
  1:15PM – Trail Talk (quiet reflective time)
  1:55PM – Activity
  3:15PM – Closing activity
  3:40PM – Camper pick-up 

Who is taking care of my child?

  • College age or older adults who have been selected for their desire and abilities to work with children, their friendly personalities and their commitment to the Lord.
  • Tilikum’s summer staff are taught to recognize teachable moments as a priority and use them to challenge and encourage youth and point them towards a relationship with God.
  • Tilikum’s Summer Staff have current certification in First Aid/CPR and Emergency Water Safety. Lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross.

What are behavioral expectations at Camp Tilikum?

Tilikum provides a safe, Christ-centered environment. Though these situations are rare Tilikum reserves the right to call the camper’s parent and ask for the camper to be taken home if it is deemed that his or her behavior or actions pose a threat to a camper’s safety or the Camp. Staff will inform campers of behavior expectations at the beginning of Camp. A camper will immediately be sent home under the following circumstances:

  • Bullying of any kind
  • Any act of physical violence against another person
  • Deliberately running away from their group (this does not include wandering away by accident)

Waterfront considerations and safety

  • american-red-cross-logoEach swim time has four American Red Cross certified lifeguards and four other staff supervising swimming campers.
  • Campers who wish to canoe are supervised by a staff person trained in Small Craft Safety. Campers in 1st and 2nd grade must have an adult with them in the canoe.
  • There are three sections of our waterfront: Shallow, Middle & Deep. Campers who wish to swim in the Middle & Deep must pass a swim test conducted by our lifeguards.
  • Campers swim with a buddy and the lifeguards do “Buddy Checks” every 10 minutes as well as continued monitoring of the swimming area.
  • Waterfront restrooms are supervised by staff and counselors.

Keeping kids safe. What safety precautions are taken at Camp Tilikum?

american-camp-association-accredited-logoAccreditation and safety are our priority.

  • Tilikum is accredited by the American Camping Association and has earned this mark of distinction since 1977.
  • All staff, both paid and volunteer have passed a criminal background check.
  • All Summer Staff have current certification in First Aid/CPR and emergency water safety. They have undergone two weeks training on all the different activities at Tilikum.
  • staff-trained-by-ministry-safe-learn-moreAll Tilikum Staff on the grounds during Summer Camp season have undergone Ministry Safe Training to recognize and prevent child sexual abuse.
  • american-red-cross-logoThe waterfront is supervised by lifeguards certified by the American Red Cross.
  • All Challenge Course activities are designed and presented with great consideration for your child’s physical, psychological, and emotional safety (QUEST & High Adventure Camps only).
  • Challenge Course staff are trained to the standards of the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) by Scott Diefenbaugh/Challenge Course Manger, with more than 16 years’ Challenge Course experience and more than 10 years’ training experience.
  • Participants on the high elements are required to wear harnesses and helmets and are connected to a rope belay system (QUEST & High Adventure Camps only).

Medical issues

All of our staff are trained in first aid/CPR and emergency water safety. We also have an on-site Health Manager during the entire session. If your child has any kind of medical issue, he/she will visit our Health Manager and you will be notified.

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