In the “Old West” branding was a way to identify cattle and the actual design of the brand was also meant to represent your ranch.  “Branding” has a little different meaning in today’s society, but the core concepts are still true.  What does Tilikum represent to our guests, campers, staff, volunteers or donors?  Tilikum began the process of rebranding this past fall. Thanks to Camp Program Director, Mandy Schmidt’s design skills, we now have new brochures and vinyl banners.  Our newly rebuilt website utilizes the same theme and it’s formatted to view on your smart phone, tablet or computer.  Even though our brand has been “spruced up” our purpose remains the same:

Tilikum exists as a place for: New Banners

  • Experiencing Creation
  • Building Community
  • Providing Refuge
  • Encountering God
  • Transforming Lives

We hope to see you this summer!

Dennis Littlefield, Executive Director