Hello All!

I keep seeing articles about the “new normal” that we find ourselves in. Our priorities have shifted and our focus has changed. It may be time to revisit your team’s core values as you continue to work remotely, work with fewer people, work with limited resources. Re-define your core values with this weeks video conferencing activity: Values Memory.

Values Memory
Adapted from a workshop led by Jeff Vandenhoek
  1. Print off the words (found here) twice and cut along the lines to create 56 different cards…this a great project for your kids to help you with. Quick Tip:  You’ll want to print on thick paper, or colored paper so that you can’t see the words through the paper
  2. 56 cards can be overwhelming, instead take your top 8 words that best apply to your team.
  3. Arrange the words at random face down in a 4×4 grid. Write some numbers on the back of the cards. (see picture)
  4. Each member takes turns calling out two cards to be turned over.  If those cards match, that member gets a point and the words are removed from the grid. If those cards don’t match, the cards get turned back over and the next person takes a turn.
  5. Repeat until all of the cards have been matched.
Discussion Questions:
  • Lay out all of the words so everyone can see them. Have the team discuss and choose the top 3 values that apply to this team during the re-opening of our communities.***
  • When your team is satisfied that they have picked the top 3 values have the group write some short statements that can be your team’s rallying cry for the next couple of months.
    • For example: Connection – We as a team will connect with each of our clients every week to offer support and encouragement as they navigate the re-opening process.
  • Revisit these statements at the beginning of each meeting moving forward to remind the team of their current focus.

I look forward to the day when the challenge course can be available to help your teams reunite. Until then stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected!

Thank you,

Amy “Jesso” Watson
Challenge Course Manager
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