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One of the reasons I love working on a team is seeing the diversity of gifts and abilities between the staff. Howard Gardner suggests that intelligence is more than book smarts–but can encompass nine kinds of smart including: kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, nature, musical, etc. Here is an activity that can challenge the folks who are music smart, and help you learn something new about the people you share an office with.
Name that Tune
Adapted from Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age by Brent D. Wolfe & Colbey Penton Sparkman
Split your group into two smaller teams and have them meet separately before you play “Name that Tune.” In their smaller groups they should decide on five songs to play to “stump” the other team.
Facilitation Tip: Think about putting parameters on song choices to prevent any obscure song selections that nobody would know. Could be categories like: Number 1 hits from the 90’s, Show Tunes, Christmas Songs, etc.
The teams will come together and take turns challenging the other team to “Name That Tune!” Start by playing the first 10 seconds of the song. If the other team can name the tune they get 3 points. If they can’t guess the song, then play 20 seconds of the song. If they can name the tune within the first 20 seconds, they get 2 points. If you have to play more than 20 seconds, they only get 1 point for naming the tune. If they can’t guess the song before the whole tune is finished, they get 0 points.
The team with the most points wins!
Debriefing Questions:
  • Which songs were easiest to identify? Hardest?
  • Who was able to guess the most songs? Who guessed the least songs? Why do you think that is?
  • What did teamwork look like in this activity?
  • Are there other projects in which members of our team have more talent than others? How do adapt our team work in those situations?

I look forward to the day when the challenge course can be available to help your teams reunite. Until then stay safe, stay healthy, stay connected!

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