How You Can Save Up To $2,100 on taxes for Summer Day Camp and Quest Camp registrations.

Whether you are a parent already working or you are planning to enter the job market again, you may be surprised to find that you can save up to $2,100 on your taxes when you file just because you sent your kids to summer day camp. Under the Child and Dependent Care Credit, you may receive a credit up to $1,050 of your expenses for one child under 13 and up to $2,100 for two or more children under 13 and there is no age limit if they are disabled. There is one catch though. Overnight camps such as High Adventure Camp do not count. Read more about this on Turbotax. We recommend you talk to your tax adviser, because every family’s financial situation is different. If you file for this credit, you’ll need Tilikum’s Tax ID Number: 45-4183288.