Online Application

Important information about the application process:

All Tilikum staff and volunteer applicants are required to fill out an Online Application. If you have any questions, email Dennis Littlefield/Executive Director, or call Dennis at (503) 538-2763, ext. 103.

  • This application process has a username and password system which allows you to log back in and complete an unfinished application. Please remember your account information.
  • Because of the essay-style questions, we recommend you use a desktop computer, rather than a smart phone, to fill out the application.
  • You will be asked to give a brief summary of your Christian experience and your relationship with God (maximum of 500 words). It may be helpful to draft this portion of your application in a Word document and then copy & paste into the space provided. If this is completed ahead of time, it should take about 20 minutes to complete the remainder of the application.