2019 Summer Day Camp theme

IGNITE!: Let there be light!

What is this theme about?

Go outside for a moment and look around! What do you see? What do you notice about light from where you are standing? What is light doing to everything around you? Take a moment to think about light and everything that it does for us. It makes the plants grow, it helps us see, it guides, it warms, it ignites, and it makes everything beautiful and colorful. Without light, there would be no life. This summer we will be teaching campers about light, how important it is, how God created it, and how it illustrates what God does in our lives. God is with us everywhere we go, all the time! God helps us see, makes us grow, guides us, comforts us, ignites us, and makes everything beautiful.

Without God, there would be no life in us. God is light…and we are here to reflect that light into the lives of campers by sharing, listening, teaching, and loving. Get ready to shine!

Theme Verse:
Genesis 1:3,4 – Then God said, “Let there be light!” And there was light. God saw that the light was good. So he divided the light from the darkness.

2019 IGNITE! weekly schedule

Program components

What is Opening?

Opening is a time to welcome our campers and spend time worshiping God in song. During opening, an On Site Director will introduce the aspect of light that is connected to the day’s topic. The skit provides a fun way of introducing the day’s Bible story.

What is Illumination Station?

Led by an On Site Director, this big group time, held directly after opening most days, consists of a brief activity that relates to the theme of the day, and a brief discussion on the light theme . Illumination Station is essential for introducing each day’s topic. Not only will the campers have a chance to work hands on with aspects of the topic in a fun, educational activity, but they will also be able to connect the topic to Jesus and the Bible story they will hear later in the day.

What is Trail Talk?

This is the time of the day where the theme and lessons are described in a more closed setting. Instead of the upbeat, high energy of O pening and skits, this is a time for personal connection a time where kids can reflect on the lessons. It should be established when the campers come to trail talk that it is a time they can dive deeper into God, the Bible, and anything else that arises. This may seem boring to some kids, but God has a wonderful way of working during all of these different times. Just think, when do they get to be in a place of nature, a place surrounded by God’s creation? When are they free to ask questions and wonder over such great distances in their minds and hearts?

For more information

For more information about the Summer Day Camp curriculum, email Rommie Christiansen/Camp Program Director, or call Rommie at (503) 538-2763, ext. 106.

What parents are saying about Tilikum’s Summer Camp program.

“I love this camp—what an incredible way to blend nature, God, fun, and the most amazing experience ever!! It is Ian’s 3rd year and he loves it!! Thank you all.”  – Day Camp Parent