2024 Summer Camp Theme


Wanted By Jesus

What is this theme about?

This summer, we are talking about the desire God has for us, and how He calls us to live a life of goodness and love like His son Jesus! Our stories for the week center around Paul the Apostle, who like us, was “Wanted” by God to do good works.

Theme Verse

Ephesians 1:5: “God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.”

2024 Weekly Schedule


MONDAY: Who is Paul? Paul wasn’t always a devout follower of Christ: He had an amazing conversion even though he had persecuted other believers. Say, “The Lord chose Paul to be a powerful preacher and missionary even though he had a horrible past. This should remind us that God desires for everyone to receive his promise of salvation through Jesus Christ.”

TUESDAY: On the road to Damascus, Paul had a complete life intervention by Jesus. In that moment, Paul had a realization that he was called to a new life. Paul’s acceptance of God’s will and his trust in God’s promises started to become evident by his service and conversion. We, like Paul, are desired by God, and he can reach out to us in many incredible ways!

WEDNESDAY:  What is the life that Paul was called to live? Who did he represent? The answer is Jesus Christ. Jesus, the pure Son of God, came down to the earth and ministered to the world until He was sacrificed for our sins. This is what changed the life of Paul, and what allows us to know and connect with God today.

THURSDAY: Paul faced various trials across his ministry, as he was living a new life in service to Jesus Christ. Throughout the way, God always provided and gave him the strength and courage he needed to do good works. Even when he was afraid, Paul knew that God would take care of him. He knew that He could do anything if God was with him.

FRIDAY: Eventually, Paul was called to go back “home” to Rome to spread the good news. He did this knowing that other people would not understand or like Paul’s faith in Jesus, and that he would be put in jail and mocked for his love. But even though he was under arrest, Paul continued to preach to any non-believers who came to see him! Every step of the way, even in times of trial and danger, he put his faith in Jesus Christ and served everyone around him.

For more information

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