The Quiet Place

Life’s worries seem so hectic, so rushed, so hard.
Like a tangle of cobwebs ensnaring mind and soul.
My heart cries out for rest, for peace.
So I seek God’s solace in a quiet place.

There I can slow myself, breathe deeply, rest and pause.
I drink in freshness, stillness, peace.
Like morning dew on sun-tipped grass.
Sweet aroma of evergreens warms and fills my lungs.

The wind and water soothe my heartache, calm my soul.
Gentle birds bring joy and laughter with their songs.
Cheerful squirrels leap in celebration of life itself.
Quiet deer pause silently in reverent stillness.

Thank you Lord for this quiet place.
A place to renew and restore myself.
A place to draw close to you again.
To see You clearly, away from man’s worldly debris.

Dear God, Thank you for Tilikum, this beautiful land.
Its very essence is a quiet place to me.
A place to calm and restore my soul.
In Your forests and fields I rejoice in Your creation.

So I praise You God for Tilikum,
For the gift of its friendship
For the gift of life it brings to me.
Thank you for this quiet place.

Joan “Prairie” Littlefield
April 26, 1988