Have photos or other memorabilia you can share?

Here are some of the items Tilikum is looking for to complete the 50th Anniversary History of Tilikum picture book.

Each year Tilikum had a theme or themes for Day Camps and Adventure Camps. These showed up on jackets, t-shirts and posters/banners. If you have photos or even samples of these items Tilikum could scan/photograph them and return them safely to you. Listed below are needed items.

1976 Theme Pioneers
1977 Theme TomSawyer
1978 Theme OnTheFarm
1979 Theme JohnnyAppleseed
1980 Theme LittleHouse

1982 Theme OnTheFarm
1983 Theme OnTheTrail

1988 Theme JohnnyAppleseed
1989 Theme InTheGoodOldSummer-Time

2000 Theme DC-Who’sTheKINGOfTheJungle?
2001 Theme HAC-NowIsTheTime

2003 Theme HAC-StraightToTheGoal

Each year Tilikum took group photos of Summer Staff. Below are the years we are having trouble finding.

1972 – 2 Staff and 341 Campers
Gary Fawver (Program Director), Kraig Saks

4 Staff and 370 Campers
Gary Fawver (Program Director), Jeff Low, Elaine Rittenhouse, Becky (Bonney) Fodge

1975 – “Trees”, 6 Staff and 550 Campers
Gary Fawver (Program Director), Lori Renner, Joy (Treharn) Thomas, Jon and Cathy Koch, Jamie Snodgrass

Carol Yard (Program Director)
Day Camp – “Rooted: Growing in God’s Love”, 24 Staff and 1,891 Campers
Nate Forbes (Day Camp Manager), Adam Hunt (Day Camp On-Site Director), Julianne Johnson (Day Camp On-Site Director), Elizabeth Kean (Day Camp On-Site Director), Tim Palmer (Head Lifeguard), Kaitlin Van Loh (Summer Camp Office Manager), Roy Abdun-Nur, Lauren Bugg, Jane Campbell, Tiffany Gilly, Wesley Jones, Brianna Lawrence, Elizabeth Licon, Miranda Lucas, Nick Luchterhand, Renae Marble, Ben Martin. Chris Martin, Austin Salzwedel, Kaitlyn Sanders, Renata Sweeney, Drew Schmidt, Ali Stone, Anna Thomas, Inge van der Salm
TAP – “Revealed”, 8 Staff and 394 Campers
Tim Fodge (TAP On-Site Director), Blaise Reavey (TAP On-Site Director), Megan Borjesson, Brian Garrison, Nick Largusa, Sarah Neighbors, Destiny Schroyer, Nathan Widdicombe
Impact – 4 Staff and 11 Campers
Carol Yard, Brian Garrison, Rachel Morell, Nathan Widdicombe

2012 – “Reflections: See and Reflect the Glory of God”
Tami Ankeny (Interim Program Director)
Day Camp – 24 Staff and 1,790 Campers
Rommie Christiansen (Day Camp On-Site Director), Peter Lugenbill (Day Camp On-Site Director), Anna Thomas (Day Camp On-Site Director), Renae Marble (Summer Camp Office Manager), Inge van der Salm (Head Lifeguard), Jonathan Anderson, Katie Carney, Christine Catton, Megan Clark, Andrew Classen, Emily Crosswhite, Bethany Fleming, Meghan Harris, Jordan Honer, Jessica Ice, Aaron Medina, Christopher Miller, Molly Minson, Daniel Roberts, Micah Schuler, Kristen Sobalvarro, Seth Stanley, Madison Sturdevant, Kaiya Woodside
TAP (High Adventure/QUEST), 6 Staff and 368 Campers
Brian Garrison (TAP On-Site Director), Megan (Wiuff) Stanley (TAP Office Manager/Camp Health Manager), Hannah Dolence, Danny Rodriguez, Aaron Peck, Rachel Sowers

2014 – “Breathe Deep, Aim True”
Mandy Schmidt (Program Director)
Day Camp – 24 Staff and 1,696 Campers
Brogan Groth (On-Site Director), Bre Hall (On-Site Director), Kristen Sobalvarro (Day Camp On-Site Director), Aaron Medina (Waterfront On-Site Director), Emily Scrabeck (Summer Camp Office Manager), Emily Barclift, Jenae Bartlow, Alyssa Brooks, Kristin Burkholder, Ella Carver, Jessie Comfort, Josh Dolar, Sarah Gillani, Michael Heilman, Caitlan Honer, Eric Krimetz, Jordyn Peltzner, Gretchen Peterson, Matthew Schenck, Adair Schmidt, Grace Schroeder, Annabrodea Stanclift, Jacob White, Caleb Wright
TAP(High Adventure/QUEST), 7 Staff and 596 Campers
Andrew Classen (TAP On-Site Director), Katie Herigstad (TAP Office/Camp Health Manager), Jamie Lyon, Suvi Mirka, Aaron Peck, Anna Thomas, Tim Wilkins
High School Summer Staff – 8 Staff
Nicole Campbell, Kaream Corbett Furgal, Kaela Finley, Hannah Fisher, Victoria Holtzheimer, Allison Schwarm, Micah Sharp, Jordan Smith-Martinez

Finally, we are lacking in overall photography for

1970s – Could use any (Camp) photos from this decade (please, no disco)

1980s – Could use any (Camp) photos from this decade

1990s – Could use any (Camp) photos from this decade

Here’s how to submit photos and other materials.

Drop them off (we would love to see you) or mail the original (item) print or even the negative or slide would be best. Tilikum will professionally scan or photograph and then safely package and return them.

Email the digital file, the most original (un-edited), highest resolution possible.

Mail to:

Camp Tilikum
Dan Prow/Marketing Director
15321 NE North Valley Road
Newberg, OR  97132.


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