Dear Friends of Tilikum,

At the beginning of COVID, after being closed for a couple months, we were able to run a small 2020 summer program. And from September 2020 until April of 2021, most camp staff were furloughed. After that long winter it was a real joy to open up again May 2021 and begin running programs. Parents were excited to see their kids come to camp again and we had 1,228 attend summer camp and family programs.

Below are some of the comments we received from parents:

“Our son had a wonderful memorable time and learned more about God and how His truths show up in daily life.”

“Mom, the kids at camp actually WANT to pray out loud!”

“We are not a religious family, but he has been talking about how God created everything around us.”

“I was sick, very sick with the flu and our son came in and prayed for me out loud. He had never done that and it was a very great feeling!

We anticipated the impact of COVID would be more detrimental to camp finances, but thanks to generous donors and grants we were able to end 2020 in the black. We are just now wrapping up finances for 2021 and projections appear we will end in the black again.

We are excited to see guest groups back in Tilikum Lodge. As early as this past August, many regular guest groups returned for retreats and other events. Visit for details.

Last month the Energy Trust of Oregon notified us we had been awarded their grant to build a 175,000 kWh solar array of approximately 400 solar panels. This $290,244 grant will allow us to begin construction this year and provide the majority of Tilikum’s annual energy needs for at least the next 20 years!

With a view to providing the most up-to-date information on the continuing ministry at Camp Tilikum, I offer the premier edition of the Living Stones newsletter. Visit for more information. For more information about Tilikum’s Summer Camp programs visit For more information about the Lakeside Village capital campaign, visit

God’s provision for the ministry at Camp Tilikum has been abundantly evident! Thank you again for your generous support and I hope to see you at Tilikum this year.

Grace and peace,
Dennis Littlefield/Executive Director