The Writers Cabin at Camp Tilikum

Richard Foster and his family lived at Tilikum in the 1970’s when he was on the pastoral team at Newberg Friends Church. During these years he wrote the book, Celebration of Discipline in this peaceful setting. From this connection to Tilikum, the idea came to develop a special place for Christian writers. Here is a letter from Richard Foster endorsing the project.

Dear Friend,

Tilikum’s staff, Nathan Foster and I have been working together on a proposed “Christian Writers Cabin.” It is a contemporary expression of the ancient practice of a patron of the arts.

In contemporary society, film is the medium with the greatest impact; the Internet is the medium that is the most pervasive; but the written word is the medium with the greatest precision and permanence, and, when done correctly, can have enormous influence upon both film and the Internet.

Today, writers of Christian conviction really do need our support and encouragement. They need space and time that is free from distractions. They need uncluttered opportunities to think, to pray and to write. They need the vision to wrestle honestly with the complexities of the human condition. And, they need the skills to articulate those realities in ways that are crisp and clear and imaginative.

I know personally how difficult it is to create an overall environment that is conducive to writing. The “Writers Cabin” can become a wonderful resource for serious writers by creating just such an environment. I hope you will help bring Tilikum’s vision into reality.

Peace and joy,
Richard J. Foster

Cabin Amenities

  • All the charms of a small lakeside cabin
  • Private bedroom and bath
  • Living room and kitchen
  • Wood Stove
  • Large windows with a lake view
  • Private lakeside balcony
  • A large selection of devotional classics and Richard Foster books
  • Special table for writing project materials

These amenities were designed by Richard Foster to create the ideal place to facilitate writing, eliminate distractions and inspire guests to hear God’s voice.

Cabin Project

The budget for this project totals $34,000. This includes utilities, foundation, cabin and listed amenities.

Facility Rental

Thanks to a special scholarship fund, this facility will be rent free to Christian writers who are working on a writing project and, when the schedule allows, will be available to others to rent for personal retreats.


We are so thankful for God’s provision and the thousands of families who have believed in Tilikum’s ministry since 1971. Consider how you might be able to help with this project.

Consider making a donation in the following ways:

  • EFT (Tilikum_Electronic_Funds_Transfer) Form
  • Check payable to Tilikum, 15321 NE North Valley Rd, Newberg, OR 97132
  • Credit Card donation by calling our office (503-538-2763)
  • Credit Card donation online