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A number of businesses use Tilikum’s challenge course as an opportunity to strengthen their team.  The challenge course can be used as a fun and memorable piece of a larger corporate retreat or as a stand alone day.

Programs on the challenge course can be designed to stimulate conversations around:

  • Healthy company culture
  • The company brand & mission
  • Communication between departments
  • Accountability
  • Building trust between new and current employees

Our Facilitators

Our facilitators have extensive experience working with professional groups and many have a background in business.  Your facilitator will design a day–with your input–around your specific needs and goals that is both fun and valuable.  Each facilitator is trained to monitor the safety of the group and create opportunities for dialogue.

Our Rates:GiantsLadderTamiChris

$75/person for a half day (up to 4 hours)

$100/person for a full day (up to 8 hours)

Add the zip line to a challenge course program for an additional $20/person (must be requested in advance)

Zip line only: $25/person

Other Services:

Ask about using a meeting room, adding a Tilikum catered meal, coffee service or other recreation options.


Amy Watson

Challenge Course Manager

(503) 538-2763