Creating space…

Every year over 3,500 individuals get out of their every-day, familiar spaces and come to create space at Camp Tilikum – a space where deep connections with God, nature and others are more attainable.


Camp Tilikum creates space for people of all walks to encounter God

Creating space for FRIENDS to gather: The Lodge at Camp Tilikum provides warm meals, a cracking fire as well as space for private conversations and gatherings at any time of the year.

Creating space for TEAMS to grow: The Challenge Course at Camp Tilikum is a resource for groups of all ages to build trust and camaraderie for greater effectiveness.

Creating space for FAMILIES to connect: Camp Tilikum’s family weekends allow parents to have fun and spend focused time with their children, while grandparents tell treasured stores of faith and formation to their grandchildren.

Creating space for KIDS to connect with God: Tilikum provides a safe, serene environment for kids ages six to eighteen to be mentored by young adults who teach them about their Creator in an outdoor setting.

Creating space for YOU to encounter God: Tilikum has two personal prayer retreat spaces that can be used for individuals who need to unplug, refocus, or just experience a healthy dose of silence for a day or weekend.

 Our core values:

  1. Experiencing Creation
  2. Building community
  3. Providing Refuge
  4. Encountering God
  5. Transforming Lives

Why types of groups do we host?

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Camp Tilikum regularly hosts individuals from faith-based organization as well as public institutions like schools, secular non-profits, and many corporations. While we serve a broad spectrum of individuals and groups, we ask that all groups conduct their meetings and retreats without opposing Camp Tilikum’s basic principles.

Dig Deeper

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