Looking for a quiet RV getaway?

Tilikum is offering a limited number of campsites for your self-contained RV for up to 5 nights.

Beautiful views, 3 miles hiking trails, fishing opportunities, up to five nights at $30 per night. Each camp spot is spaced to ensure privacy not found at traditional RV campgrounds. See the site map [HERE].

Where is Tilikum located?

Camp Tilikum is located about 15 minutes northwest of Newberg Oregon.  [MAP]

What type of vehicles are allowed?

Smaller RVs including camper vans, truck campers, travel trailers including pop-ups up to 29 feet manage well at Tilikum. However, we do have 2 spaces for RVs larger than 29 feet.

Vehicles must be fully self-contained with an interior toilet and built-in holding tanks for water and wastewater. Porta-potties are acceptable but must be dumped off-site at an appropriate facility. Dumping of gray and/or black water on Tilikum property is prohibited. You must have interior cooking facilities. Tents of any kind, minivans or sleeping in cars or trucks are prohibited.

I will be traveling with a friend in a second vehicle, do they need to pay a fee?

Each vehicle will need to pay the nightly fee.

What are the parking areas like?

Parking areas are within Tilikum’s pastoral 93 acres. You may be in a parking lot or in a field where parking surfaces may be gravel, grass or dirt. You can discuss this when you call to check about making a reservation. See the site map [HERE].

Do you offer electricity, water or sewer hookups?

We do not provide the services that you would find at a regular campground. However, we do have electricity for 2 of the 16 spaces.

COVID-19 has limited the number of guests for Tilikum’s retreat and camp programs and that is why we are offering this amazing location for RV guests.

How long can I stay and what is the cost?

This program is set up with stays from one to five nights. Tilikum is charging $30 a night for this beautiful location.

What are your hours?

Office is usually open Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

Check back here in the event hours might have changed. When you call to ask about coming, verify your approximate time of arrival to ensure someone will be here when you check in.

How far ahead should I make reservations?

We understand that many RVers travel with flexible plans so that they have the freedom to change their routes or stay longer in interesting locations. With this in mind, you need only to contact DennisLittlefield/Director at (503) 538-8081 to get permission before you arrive, even if it is the day of.

If you like to plan out your trip we recommend calling Tilikum and asking if you can set a date to visit no more than 4 weeks in advance. Tilikum is not a normal campground and are unable to “reserve” dates months in advance. Once you have arranged a visit, please call to confirm on the day you will arrive.

Likewise, if you change your plans, please let Tilikum know as soon as possible so that they are not waiting for you to arrive as scheduled.

Can I arrive unannounced?

You must call ahead—do not arrive without calling first. Contact DennisLittlefield/Director at (503) 538-8081.

By calling ahead, you ensure Tilikum (1) is open and can accommodate you, (2) can tell you which entrance to use and (3) can be specific about where you should park when you arrive.

Can I arrive after business hours?

Not only do you need to call ahead to arrange your visit, you must arrive during business hours. Arrive early enough to check in and make some new friends. Camp Tilikum’s gate is generally closed each evening about 6:00PM and opens in the morning around 8:00AM.

What activities are available?

Sit and talk with family and friends. There are three miles of hiking trails within Tilikum’s 93 acres, and a walk around the Lake Tilikum is about 1 mile. Fishing is currently available for overnight guests of Tilikum from designated areas including the shoreline and the two docs with railings. Species include bass, crappie, and other pan fish. Ask about designated fishing areas. See the site map [HERE].

Code of Conduct

All Camp Tilikum RV guests acknowledge that they have read and agree to comply with the following Code of Conduct.

Ask before using your generator

Please ask beforehand about generator use and if you are parked near the other RVs, please use it sparingly and only between the hours of 8:00AM and 10:00PM.

Can I use leveling devices?

Yes, but please be considerate and use jack pads. Levelers can cause damage to soft ground.

Are pets allowed?

Tilikum permits pets on a leash or in your vehicle. Respect that you are on private property among other guests so do not allow your pets to run free. Your pet may be friendly but other animals may see it as a threat and react accordingly. Clean up after your pets as you would in your own neighborhood or park.

Use of Alcohol

Camp Tilikum is normally an alcohol-free facility.  We ask that you keep any alcoholic beverages inside your recreational vehicle.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco is allowed when next to your recreational vehicles. We are asking anyone who smokes to carefully dispose of their cigarette butts, especially because of fire danger. Smoking marijuana is prohibited at Camp Tilikum.


Please take all trash with you when you leave.

Legal Stuff 

RV guests acknowledge that they agree to take responsibility for their actions and any resulting consequences.

RV guests agree they will not hold Camp Tilikum, or any of their staff members responsible for any damage or harm to themselves, their family or guests, their pets or their vehicles and they acknowledge that they have liability insurance that covers themselves, their vehicle(s), their family and any guests. Proof of such insurance must be carried in the vehicle.

Camp Tilikum have no responsibility for damage or theft to your RV, tow car or personal property, or for injury to you, your family or guests.

RV guests agree to hold harmless Camp Tilikum, all their officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any loss, expense, liability, damage, claim (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) made or brought by or on behalf of you, your family or guests, or brought against Camp Tilikum as a result of your actions, for any and all claims, controversies, actions, causes of actions, liabilities, demands or damages of whatever name or nature that arise from your use of any Camp Tilikum materials or information.

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely! If you are interested, ask when calling.


For questions or availability and reservations, email Dennis Littlefield/Director, or call (503) 538-8081.


Reserve your campsite

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