Fishing at Camp Tilikum

Camp Tilikum is private property and Lake Tilikum is not open to the public.

Fishing is available only for registered guest groups, donors, active volunteers and staff. Guests must adhere to day use guidelines.

You must call ahead for availability

There are times when we cannot allow guests on the grounds with some other groups or reservations. Summer availability is also limited due to a high volume of summer campers.

  • Tilikum is a tobacco, alcohol, weapon and pet-free facility.
  • Swimming, wading (including just feet), canoeing and using docks without railing are permitted only with a pre-scheduled Tilikum Certified Lifeguard. There is a nominal fee for these services.
  • Tilikum is private property.  We ask that all visitors conduct themselves in a manner that would not oppose Camp Tilikum’s basic principles. We reserve the right to ask any individual to leave the premises if necessary.
  • All visitors need to check-in at the Main Office upon arriving and display a guest pass. Upon your departure, return your guest pass and sign out.

Fishing guidelines

  • A license is not required to fish as Tilikum is private property.
  • Fishing is permitted from the docks with railings and shoreline only. Fishing is not permitted near the waterfront (swimming zone) within 50 feet of the green dock.
  • Catch and Release is encouraged. Catch limit is 3 fish per person per day. Release bass larger than 12”—take a photo first though and share with us please!

Types of fish in Lake Tilikum

  • Largemouth Bass are plentiful and lots of fun to catch.  They are aggressive and will try to eat some of the strangest lures you can imagine. They like lots of cover (trees, stumps, weeds) but can be seen prowling in the shallows. Lures: Crankbait, Berkley PowerBait worms, Spinnerbaits, jigs and surface poppers.
  • Crappie are great fish and don’t get the respect they deserve. They are eager, tough little guys, and fight well. Crappies are really fun to catch on light tackle or fly rod. Lures: Worms, crappie jigs, Crappie PowerBait and flies.
  • Sunfish/Bluegill can be found in the shallow areas of lake. They are not picky eaters and great for young fishermen. Lures: Use light tackle to make these little guys more fun to catch.
  • Catfish have been caught on all lure types listed above. They are a fun catch as they are feisty and challenging.
  • Trout have been hooked in Lake Tilikum but they are rare.


For more information  or to reserve fishing time on the lake, email Suzanne Maki/Guest Services Director, or phone (503) 538-2763 ext. 101.

For more information about fishing Lake Tilikum

For more information about fishing at Lake Tilikum, email Suzanne Maki/Guest Services Director, or call (503) 538-2763 ext. 101.