2019 Adventure Camp program theme

IGNITE!: Let there be light!

What is this theme about?

Go outside for a second and look around! What do you see? What do you notice about light from where you are standing? What is light doing to everything around you? Take a moment to think about light and everything that it does for us. Without light, there would be no life. This summer we will be talking with our campers about light, how important it is, and how it illustrates what God does in our lives. God is with us everywhere we go, all the time. God helps us see, makes us grow, guides us, comforts us, ignites us, and makes everything beautiful. Without God, there would be no life in us. God is light…and we are here so that we can reflect that light into the lives of our campers by sharing, listening, teaching, and loving. Get ready to shine!

Monday we use the story of Saul’s change to Paul to talk about how Gods’ light transforms us and makes us new creations. Tuesday, we’ll use the pillar of fire in Exodus to talk about God’s love, protection, and forgiveness for his people. Wednesday is the Gospel story, and we’ll be talking with campers about Jesus’ death and resurrection, how he overcame darkness for us. Thursday we use the story of Esther as an example of how to trust God to be with us in every scary, stressful situation we might encounter no matter how big or small. Friday is the celebration/application day, and we use the story of God sending the Holy Spirit in Acts to talk about how God has created us specifically to reflect his light into dark places so others can know who Jesus is and follow him.

Without God, there would be no life in us. God is light…and we are here to reflect that light into the lives of campers by sharing, listening, teaching, and loving. Get ready to shine!

Theme Verse:
Genesis 1:3,4 – Then God said, “Let there be light!” And there was light. God saw that the light was good. So he divided the light from the darkness.

2019 IGNITE! schedule

Trail Talk Basics


Our goal as facilitators is to help foster a place for campers to encounter Jesus through stories, wondering questions, metaphorical activities, and discussions of the mysteries of Jesus. Campers have an opportunity this summer to experience God through nature, love, conversation, and beautiful stories. We as staff have a front row seat to watch our campers discover God in the midst of his creation. Jesus is a complex and mysterious being, and we are not the ones who are supposed to give the answers. Facilitators are there to explain what we know, listen deeply to the Holy Spirit for direction, and help create an atmosphere for kids to learn about God. Campers are on a journey with Jesus and we are in the back seat of their personal discovery.

Camper Questions

The curriculum involves probing questions to which there are no easy, obvious, or “correct” answers. If your questions are followed up with silence, this is often a very good sign, even though it may at first make you feel uncomfortable. Many campers take time to process and devise answers before speaking out. Don’t be afraid to deviate from this book. Allow the Spirit to move through you. This book is simply a starting point.

Wondering Time

The word question implies that there must be an answer. Wondering questions are left open-ended for a reason. Campers will be challenged by the concept that there is no single answer, but this will give them room to wonder in their own thoughts. Give campers time to soak in the question and leave room for them to interpret the questions however they feel led. We are not in a place to tell them theologically what is right or wrong. Make an atmosphere for the Spirit to move and Jesus will do the rest.

For more information

For more information about the Summer Day Camp curriculum, email Rommie Christiansen/Camp Program Director, or call Rommie at (503) 538-2763, ext. 106.

What parents are saying about Tilikum’s Summer Camp program.

“I love this camp—what an incredible way to blend nature, God, fun, and the most amazing experience ever!! It is Ian’s 3rd year and he loves it!! Thank you all.”  – Day Camp Parent