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Why bring kids to Camp?

From the beginning Tilikum has partnered with local churches to bring kids to Camp. Why? Because when children and youth ministers bring kids to camp they maximize the camp experience for their kids, build strong relationships, and are able to promote their relationship with God.

• we want the primary affiliation bond to be between you and your kids.

• we want these bonds to continue after camp.

• follow-up continues in the local church, so the good work begun at camp continues.

How it Works

Group Benefits

• a well-planned and staffed children’s camp.

• an amazing inter-generational bonding experience between campers and camp counselors.

• a streamlined check-in process.

• reduced rates for groups of 10 or more. Some churches pass the rate reduction through to campers while others charge the standard rate and retain the difference to subsidize transportation costs. It’s up to you.

Group Responsibilities

• A dedicated Group Coordinator – This individual will be the advocate at your church and the administrative connection to Tilikum.

• Coordinate paperwork – Group Coordinators work in conjunction with our Program Director and Registrar to collect the necessary forms from their campers.

• Coordinate Counselors – Groups commit to providing one volunteer counselor from their church for every 7 children. These dedicated volunteer counselors provide a consistent link between a child’s spiritual journey at camp and back home in their church group. Many groups utilize parents and college students returning for the summer. Grandparents are welcome too, but be aware the train at Tilikum requires agile mobility.

• Coordinate transportation – Many church groups have buses or vans they can use to transport their group to Tilikum. Others don’t have permanent vehicles so they rent buses for the week.

Interested in bringing a group to Tilikum? Contact Dan Prow, Camp Registrations, at or 503.538.2763 x113.

Coordinator Tools

We are excited to again partner with you to bring kids to camp and connect with them in out in God’s incredible creation. Here are some of the more commonly requested items Coordinators can use to communicate with their congregations. If you need additional assistance, contact Dan Prow, Camp Registrations, at or 503.538.2763 x113.

Coordinator Forms & Information

  1. Coordinator Handbook
  2. Coordinator Timeline
  3. Editable Parent Letter
  4. Volunteer Counselor Flyer
  5. Transportation Roster
  6. Medication Check-in/out
  7. Tilikum Grounds Map
  8. Tilikum Medical Form (Spanish)

Printable Marketing Materials

  1. Tilikum Works With Churches
  2. Coordinator Poster
  3. Church Slide
  4. Facebook Photo
  5. 2018 Day Camp Theme
  6. Tilikum 2018 Brochure
  7. Summer Camp Poster
  8. Tilikum Coloring Book