F_CThe Fawver Center at Camp Tilikum

Designed after an Indian longhouse, the Fawver Center is a multipurpose building situated at the east end of Lake Tilikum. The Fawver Center can be rented exclusively or as a part of a grounds use group rental. It may also be available at no additional charge in combination with the Lodge rental. Its rustic lakeside setting and expansive space appeals to outdoor education groups, harvest parties and family reunions. It also provides an indoor space for challenge course groups on a rainy day.

Summer availability is limited to evenings and/or weekends due to Tilikum sponsored programs.

Features include:

  • Half-court Basketball
  • 25’ Climbing Wall (additional fees apply)
  • Indoor fire pit & supplies
  • Small food prep area
  • Bathrooms
  • Cafeteria-style table seating for 100
  • Projection screen
  • BBQ space (you bring your own)
  • Outdoor campfire area
  • Access to fishing bridge & canoe landing
  • Nearby parking for large groups & bus turnaround
  • Rental Fee: $200 facility fee per day; with a grounds fee of $5/per person